Saturday, January 28, 2012

Looking Up

We're not the best tummy timers over here, but little E does spend a fair amount of time in the Moby wrap, which we've been assured "counts" as tummy time. In the wrap, he has the option of holding his head up, but doesn't have to, and I think being in it really helped him with his neck control when he was younger. I don't quite see how he'll get a chance to work on upper body strength in the Moby, and we would like him to be able to crawl eventually (!), so we did a little tummy time yesterday. This is what happened:

We had no idea the little guy could prop himself up and lift his head so high!

Looking good!
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I didn't get a picture of it, but he also put out his arms and legs so just his tummy was on the ground, in exactly the "airplane" pose that I'd read about in our baby book, wow!

(We still have sheets over the chairs in the background there in case of spit-ups. When I cut out dairy and unfermented soy from my diet, the spit ups essentially disappeared. We just did an experiment yesterday involving a couple tiny slices of cheese, and they were back with a vengeance last night and early this morning. Sigh. But at least we know what causes it.)

P.S. I finally fixed the time stamp issue :)

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