Monday, April 23, 2012

Let's Get Cooking

A month or two ago, I discovered that craigslist has an RSS notification feature, so you can get notified when new listings are added that meet your search criteria (the same way you can get notified of new posts on blogs - like Tiny Muffins! - if you use an RSS reader, e.g. Google Reader). Anyway, I knew we wanted to get a play kitchen for E, so I saved my search and I've been keeping an eye on all the kitchen listings in our area. Last week, this cute one came up, and we jumped on it!
My kitchen!
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I wasn't aiming for blue, but this one happened to be blue and that's a-okay by me. It's in great shape for having been used by two kidlets already. There's a microwave, oven (with knobs that click), fridge (that seems like it'll be more useful as storage space), sink, range, and a variety of open shelves.  Now we get to stock it!

In other news, Hubbo and I thought we felt a tooth nubbin yesterday, but we've thought that before. Time will tell...  E is still enjoying rolling on to his tummy once in awhile, especially right before bed time.  That was also his favorite time of day to practice rolling off of his tummy while he was learning that skill.  And lastly, he's getting pretty awesome at supporting himself if he has something to lean on, as in the picture.  That's Daddy's hand there just for spotting.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Book Review: Understanding Exposure

I've still been reading as much as usual lately, but I went through a few books that didn't prompt me to write reviews of them. Not so with Understanding Exposure, by Bryan Peterson. My library only had the second edition, so that's the one I read, and it was awesome! I have a new appreciation for my camera now - I know what those mysterious "A, S, M" modes are, and what that meter and those little numbers in the viewfinder are for. I read the book together with my camera and its manual handy, I'm looking forward to trying out all the great stuff I learned about choosing aperture and shutter speed, and occasionally ISO. I'm not sure if it'll change much about the way I take pictures of Mr. Muffin though, since they're quick snapshots seeing as he doesn't sit still and pose!

A little bit of the information about digital cameras seemed somewhat dated, but there is a newer (2010) edition which has great reviews on Amazon as well.

A little ironic that the photography book post doesn't include a picture of the little guy, but I haven't been snapping many this week. His new skill since about Easter is voluntarily rolling on to his tummy (!!) and propping himself up on his elbows. He just might crawl yet!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Babyhawk Back Carry

Not exactly our best photo, but Hubbo was out of town on a business trip. Here we are using a Babyhawk mei tai-style carrier that I rented from our "local" babywearing group.

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I really like this carrier now that E is sometimes a bit squirmy for the Moby, and I've read that it isn't a good idea to wear a baby on your back with a stretchy wrap. In fact, I ordered my own, and it's supposed to arrive today! Since it doesn't have any buckles, the Babyhawk is more adjustable than the Boba I tried a few months ago. It's a little more complicated to put on, but I can actually make it snug enough to do a back carry.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Seven Months!

Happy seven months, little guy! Daddy and I can't believe you've been with us so long already.

Some fun facts about seven months:

  • You still have grey in your eyes
  • You love to walk around with someone holding your hands
  • You are really in to knobs of all kinds - on cabinets, doors, the stove...
  • Doorframes are quite interesting, especially the molding and the faceplates for the door knobs, and the hinges too

Full speed ahead!
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