Friday, January 6, 2012

Four Months!

Today baby E is four months old! Hubbo and I can't believe it's already been four whole months since we brought our little guy home. He's gotten much more accurate with his hands this month, now you can watch him take careful aim and reach slowly for things sometimes - other times he still loves to wave his arms around like mad!

Here we are in a Boba carrier that I rented (only $5 to take it home for a month!) from a local-ish babywearing group:

I only wore little E on my back for a few minutes, because I felt like I couldn't get him snug enough, as if the straps might have been too long given the combination of his current size and my size. We just dropped in to this month's babywearing "meeting" briefly to return the Boba, and I asked about wearing him on my back. One of the leaders said that maybe E doesn't have good enough neck control yet (I don't really think that was the problem), or we could try a "Baby Hawk" - it's basically like a mei tai carrier with neck support, or just wait awhile longer. She also recommended gradually increasing the amount of time I spend with him on my back, i.e. just start out with five minutes at first.

We might go back to the meeting in February or March to check out another carrier, although I took the Boba home with me because it was the most comfortable for me with E on the front, and I tried a lot of the soft structured carriers the first time. A friend said that you can put a baby on your back with a Moby (which we already have, thanks Aunt Steph!), we'll have to try that too.

Unrelated, afterward we stopped by a pen/stationary/planner store. I needed to pick up a 2012 "diary," as the British say, for my planner (it's a British brand of planner binders). I also wanted to check out the fountain pens, because I don't super love the way my Lamy Safari feels in my hand - it feels a little cheapy because the body is all plastic. The shop owner was really nice and showed me a bunch of other pens, but I didn't end up getting any of them. The one I liked the best was the Platinum Plaisir in this pink color:

Photo from Goulet Pens
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... except that I'd really like a grey or charcol color pen (to look pretty in said planner). And I don't think that you can change the nibs on the Plaisir? The shop owner also said that there were no cartridge converters for them, but Goulet Pens does sell one. Still on the lookout for a possible second pen, but the Safari I have is great for now!


  1. Wow what a great blog! I will have to check it everyday now that I am far away. Little E does look really happy in this picture! Maybe he secretly loves backwards carriers.

    Big E and I went hiking through the mountain snow today - it was great!

  2. Tyty! Mr. Muffin is on the go, so we'll do our best to write up about his doings.

    That sounds like fun in the snow! No snow here yet!