Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mini Book Review: Pathfinder

Pathfinder was the first Orson Scott Card book I read since he mainly writes science fiction, and I'm not a big fan of sci fi books. I love watching sci fi, but not reading it so much. Pathfinder consists of two stories, one fantasy (my favorite genre to read) and one sci fi, but the fantasy one makes up the bulk of the book by far.

Although I'm generally opposed to books that start out by killing someone off (one of the reasons, although there were many others, I stopped reading A Game of Thrones without finishing it), I loved Pathfinder! Thanks for recommending it, sis! I'm tentatively looking forward to the sequel, apparently called Ruins, but based on the ending of Pathfinder it might be too sci fi for me. Sister said she'd read it first and find out!

Fuzzy noggin!
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In baby news, we had allllllmost a 180 back-to-tummy roll yesterday!

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