Thursday, January 5, 2012

First Book

A couple of days ago, on the third, I successfully read little E his first book! I had tried to read to him before, but he wasn't too in to looking at the pictures. Lately though, he has been super interested in looking at and touching the books on the bookshelf in our living room, I'm guessing because the spines are so colorful, especially the ones that are black/white/red. So I thought the time might be right to give reading another try!

The book I chose was ... *drumroll* ... Pat the Bunny. I loved this book when I was little (my mom says that she had to buy a second copy because my sister and I completely wore the first one out). I didn't remember the book just from hearing the title, but when I opened it up it all came back to me. We made it through the whole book and E even touched some of the textured pieces, like the bunny and "daddy's chin." The mirror seemed a little spooky to me because it shows a somewhat distorted reflection, so we buzzed by that part.

The little guy loves to smile at people (even strangers!), but not at the camera. Here's one of the better smiling pictures, a little blurry:

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(I dunno why the timestamps are coming up with Pacific time. I entered my state in my Blogger profile, so maybe next time they'll come up as Central. I do mainly get a chance to write in the morning, but not quite 4:30am early!)

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