Monday, January 9, 2012

Rolling, rolling, rolling!

Lately, E has really been trying to roll over on to his side, but mainly while he's getting his diaper changed. The changing pad is more or less concave, so that wasn't making it any easier for him. I finally realized this morning that the reason he would try so much on the changing table was that his diaper wasn't hindering him! So this morning I put him down on the floor sans diaper (but on a couple of cloth diapers), and tada - rolling from back to side! I hope that now that E knows rolling is really possible, he'll be encouraged to do it even with the diaper on.

Also super exciting to me is the fact that at this very moment he is taking a nap on his little crib mattress without anyone touching or holding him! Of course, I am sitting on the floor right next to him so that I can talk to him when he starts looking anxious, but this is Progress. (For some background, what usually ends up happening is that he falls asleep after nursing, and at that point he's already in my lap. He usually wakes up within a few minutes of being put down in that situation, so I've just learned to keep plenty of things to do at our nursing chair. The difference this time is that he fell asleep while I was toting him around, no nursing involved.)

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I took this picture this morning out of our front window, I just liked the colors - the blue and orange in the sky with the dark branches of the winter trees. I know they taught us in art class that blue and orange are somehow complimentary colors or something, but I don't generally like how they look together (Illini blue and orange excepted of course). This blue and this orange do look great to me though. I think that this blue/orange/brown combo might be awesome in some sort of knitted garment that incorporated a three color pattern from this book.


  1. OMG! He can sleep byself AND half roll. That is tastic! Both critical skills. Your trees look real nice. I am super amazed by the mountains here everytime I see them. It still seems crazy.

  2. Teehee, not exaaactly sleep by self!

    It was weird seeing the mountains in querque, I bet the mountains in the big B are even more tastic!