Saturday, July 27, 2013


Watermelon is definitely E's favorite food right now. He calls it "wawa", just like water. We have a bowl of mixed watermelon and pineapple, and he likes to give all the pineapples to me, and eat all the watermelon himself! With all of this interest in watermelon, we're also trying pickled watermelon rinds.  They're just the rinds, water, salt, and a few days out on the counter.  We'll find out how they are in another couple of days.

Here's the cooking assistant just after we finished measuring out the salt.  He's in his learning tower which *drumroll* ... he can get in to by himself now - a big step in motor skills!  E is quite pleased that he can get in to the tower on his own too.

Mr. Muffin learned how to make the "sh" sound just recently, and right away added new words to his vocabulary, like "shoes" and "shirt."  He's also been really interested in lining up objects lately, especially his block crayons (they're small rectangles).  He arranges them more than he colors with them these days.

Update: Those watermelon rinds didn't turn out so tasty afterall - the texture was a bit odd...

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The big 2-2 months

A busy guy is 22 months old today! Let's have an update on what he's up to.

Laundry.  E is an experienced laundry assistant now, pushing and pulling the basket to the laundry room and putting wet clothes in the dryer.  Once it's clean, his favorite thing to do is bring it to his room, empty the basket, and pile it on himself as high as he can.  After making a mound on his legs, sometimes he asks mama to cover up his head or back too.

Mr. Muffin also knows "wait" very well.  It sounds a bit like "red" when he says it, and red is his favorite color, so the hand gesture helps to make his meaning clear.  E loves to point out anything red, and prefers the red anything when there's a choice, like the muffin in the red muffin cup.  He also runs to the fridge and says, "Red!" which means he'd like some (red) grapes.  Or he runs to the pantry and says it, meaning he'd like his (orange) vitamin.  Red currently covers pink, sometimes purple, orange, once in a while yellow, and of course, red!

E is getting closer every day to being able to get in and out of his learning tower by himself.  At grandparents' house for the 4th of July, he even climbed all the way in to his highchair.  Here he was helping me take pictures of my very first Blythe doll (woohoo!).

One of the best:

I lost count awhile ago of all E's words, but I have a few current favorites.  Huge ("uggggge") - E learned this word when the pond behind our house had frequent visits from a crane and I called it the "huge bird."  I'm glad E prefers "huge" to "big", because nothing else he says sounds like it!  He does have a lot of B words though that can be tricky to tell apart.

Backward - he's been saying this one awhile, but "boo-bah" is just too cute.

Regular ("reg-da") - This one is usually in the context of doing something the regular way, as opposed to the silly way or "boo-bah".  Like, walking reg-da, sitting reg-da.