Saturday, February 14, 2015

Rainbow Patch

Hello blog!  We have been sewing here chez Muffins for the first time in a long time!  This week, we went to a sewing meetup with our favorite (only) mom & kids Meetup group.  Not much sewing happened there, but since then, I've found ways to make it happen in bits and pieces at home.

One of E's staple pairs of pants was developing a hole in the knee, and after (repeated) comments like, "Mommy, there's a hole in my pants!  I need a patch for my pants, Mom," we fixed 'em up.  I asked him what kind of patch he wanted, and he said, "Rainbow."  I had this striped knit fabric at home already, close enough in my book. 

Getting the picture of the patch was quite challenging, there are a lot of pictures like this:

And also, running all around the room saying, "Take my picture here.  Now here.  Now here..."

The littlest muffin was just hanging out in her gym, watching the going-ons.

We are also making progress on E's quilt.  Fabric has been pressed, and cutting has begun!