Thursday, January 2, 2014

Winter Activities

E has been up to some fun new activities now that it's gotten cold outside.  He likes to use the baby monitor as a scanner.  It helps that the receiver beeps ("scans") periodically when the transmitter is off.  It also has a pretty bright red light, just like the scanner at the library or grocery store self-checkout.

He has started "writing" sometimes when he's drawing.  Check out the grocery list!

Scissors have also been discovered.  E uses both hands on the scissors while Mom or Dad holds the paper.

Some new favorite sayings: "Own go Ikea, library, and home!"  These are E's favorite places, although he has only been to Ikea twice, and one of those trips was well over a year ago.  The elevator is the main attraction at Ikea and the library, and home is just great!

"Mommy, see!" i.e. Mommy watch what I'm about to do.

"Mommy favorite button own belly button, own favorite button shutdown button on Daddy's comput-um"  That's a long one!