Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hands & Hats

Starting about a couple of weeks ago, so probably right around the 4-month mark, little E has been really interested in putting his hands in his mouth. Mostly he's chomping on his index finger or sometimes a thumb. He's started to put toys in his mouth too, it's definitely time to be extra on the look out for those choking hazards now!

Tasty hands!

I just finished up a little hat for a friend who's expecting a girl (also a baby E) at the end of February. She requested pink with braids and little ears, I hope she likes it! I made the "preemie" size because my friend mentioned having E wear it for her newborn pictures, but I think it came out rather big. I hope being a little over-sized will be cute! I really like the way the edging around the bottom makes the hat looked "finished." I like the edging (which was crocheted) way more than I was expecting to. Ravelry link for the project here.

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