Friday, June 29, 2012

Stepping, Stepping, Stepping

When we were at my parents' house awhile back, Grandpa taught little E how to go up the stairs (we don't have stairs in our little ranch). He didn't do too much with that at home for awhile, but all of a sudden he loves to go up and down the step up to our back door. Sometimes the little guy will lift his leg up high to go down the step too, so cute!

At dinner today, Mr. Muffin was having some pureed peas (yum!), and he was really eyeing the dish I was filling his spoon from. I eventually let him see it (he was thrilled), bracing for a big mess. Instead of diving in with both hands as I was expecting, he carefully put one index finger in. Then took it out and put the other one in. Right finger. Left finger. Right finger. Left finger. Then he started grabbing with his whole hand...

I also knit E this little ball. I glimpsed it in a picture on Amanda's blog. (From reading Tiny Muffins, one might think hers was the only blog I read. It is not, although it's a good read.) I dug up the pattern, "Judy's 12-Section Yarnball," on Raverly, and knit it up.

Made with yarn leftover from a bunch of diaper covers!

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It's knit in garter stitch, which I have never been particularly fond of. It's the simplest stitch, you knit each stitch back and forth in rows. Worked up in a relatively thick yarn like this, it does have a certain pleasing smooshy-ness to it. Maybe I'll make a garter stitch blanket afterall one day...