Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Memorial Day

Looking back at Memorial Day, with a few pictures to share.

We went to the parade with my parents and met up with a high school friend of mine and her little girl. The hit of the parade was, of course, the band, even if they didn't play when they were near us.

Baby's first parade!

I love the gleam in Miss E's eye in this picture:

At the grandparents' house, we also completed a big project for little E! I've been on the lookout for a child-sized table for awhile. Although this one seems to be popular on some blogs out there, it's so expensive that even those people who really like Michael Olaf products tend to end up going with an alternative. That Michael Olaf table has a large solid wood tabletop, so it's quite sturdy. I wanted something similar, rather than say a kid's table from IKEA that would probably scoot around while the little guy tried to sit at it.

I found an end table that would work at a second hand furniture store. That was my lucky day, because nearly all of the other end tables in the store were only for sale in sets - 2 end tables and a coffee table - that were all over a hundred dollars. This one was in the "clearance" section, I suppose because it didn't have the matching tables and because it has a bit of visible wear on the top. Only $20, and it's solid wood!

After a bit of measuring and a brief meeting with the table saw, the legs were 8 inches shorter, putting the top of the table at 15". That height still allows the chair to fit under the "lip" of the table (the only drawback to using this end table this way is that lip), and it looks like a reasonable size when E sits in his chair. We're not really using the table yet, but it looks like a good spot for coloring to me!

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In other news, a couple of days ago, Mr. Muffin pushed himself up on all fours! (With the help of a wall behind him) Here comes crawling...?

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