Monday, March 5, 2012

Toe Touches

A picture of the elusive toe touches has been captured:


This picture was from a few days ago, now E can get those toes almost all of the way to his mouth even with his diaper on. And he's started pulling off his socks like a big kid!

I also finished another wool diaper cover the other day.

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This pattern is called Vanilla and I love it! It was $5 I think, worth every penny! This is the fourth one I've made, and I've already started a 5th since the little guy has been such a speedy grower. I only had one of them made before he was born, but one of his great-aunts made him a couple more covers, and they got us through until I found time to knit again - thanks Aunt Linda :)

I've been trying to keep the colors gender neutral (not too tricky since I have a pretty broad definition of gender neutral). This one makes me feel like I was channeling my inner Amanda when I picked the colors. It's also great for early March in Chicago - sort of like dirty snow and mud!

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