Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mini Book Review: The Digital Photography Book, Volume I

Since we bought our camera (*cough* 3 years ago *cough*), Hubbo and I having been saying that we should learn more about its features. To that end, I checked out The Digital Photography Book, Volume I, by Scott Kelby, from the library. The premise of this book is that on each page he gives you a tip, but he doesn't generally explain why the tip works.

This book seems aimed toward people looking to make some money from photography, but there were still a bunch of tips that I found useful (also despite entire chapters I wasn't really interested in, like How to Shoot a Wedding and How to Shoot Sports). I don't want to give away too much of the book, so I won't say what those tips were!

There was also a short list of other books Kelby recommends, and I'm definitely going to check some of those out - stay tuned for future reviews.

Spring has started to peep its head out around here - buds on trees and shoots in the ground!

Mr. Muffin managed to bring his feet all the way up to his mouth yesterday for the first time!

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