Saturday, March 24, 2012


In the unseasonably warm weather this week, little E and I have been spending some time trying to tame the garden in the back yard (the former owners were retired and loved to garden).

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Super cute bucket hat from Target, it's reversible - yellow on one side, green on the other!

E has also just started to see his reflection in things other than a mirror, like the oven. He loves it! He's also really into rolling on to his side and patting and/or talking to his reflection in the mirror while getting he's diaper changed.

Speaking of rolling, he has a stunt that we do all the time now. I (or Hubbo) hold Mr. Muffin by the hands while he's standing, and then he leans down into my lap so he's on his belly, and then he rolls over on to his back. Tada!

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