Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sittin' Pretty

Just within the last week, little E's sitting has come a long way. A couple of weeks ago, he would sit if I held his hands, but then he learned to sit on his own like this:
Daddy is ready with a helping hand, just in case

Not exactly straight, but pretty balanced, and he's been good at sticking an arm out if he starts toppling for a while now (the little arm isn't always strong enough to support him ... but I think sitting is going to help with arm strength.) Being able to study his own feet is some extra motivation.

Today he was sitting like this!

Now Daddy just gives a helping leg :)
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With all of this sitting going on, we're looking forward to seeing how E takes to sitting in a high chair during meals. He's been getting pretty antsy hanging out in his swing lately, we think he wants to feel more included!

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