Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Mr. Muffin had his first taste of solid food this weekend, strawberries! He spotted them on the table (maybe because they're bright red and easy for him to see) and seemed really keen to get at them, so we let him! I didn't snap any pictures when E was eating his first one at my parents house - next time we have to bring the camera into the kitchen instead of leaving it by the front door... - but here are a few pictures of him eating another one at home.

I don't think he really ate much at all, but he definitely put some into his mouth and tasted it. The poor strawberries ended up as strawberry-pulp though.

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I also tried giving him a big chunk of avocado, but it was too slippery. We had some yellow squash, like zucchini, yesterday that I thought would be great for him to try cut into "fingers" that were easy to grab, but he wasn't too interested in them. I think he needs some time to get used to the high chair first, he's not so sure about it yet.

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