Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mini book review: Little Red in the City

My parents got Ysolda Teague's Little Red in the City for me for my birthday (thanks parents!), and it's really great! Despite having learned to knit when I was little, I've never made any clothing other than socks. A sweater's worth of wool is expensive, and I've always been worried about getting the fit right. This book deals with just that issue! Ysolda emphasizes the importance of measurements, she must list close to 20 different measurements that matter, and swatching (of course).

The only negative was that the book has a tendency to focus on pattern adjustments for larger people, comments for skinny people are just tossed in with a sentence or two. One might have guessed that this was the case from the model on the cover, but I was hoping for more tips that would help me personally since Ysolda herself is more or less my size. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to attempting this neato sweater from the book.

We visited my in-laws awhile ago, and got this picture of little E with his grandma:

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Forget about "seeing" with your hands, we're into "seeing" with our mouth!  The orange was a big hit, I think because it has a fun texture, and you can smell it through the peel.  We also tried giving him a whole apple to play with, but it wasn't nearly as interesting as the orange.

Just this week, he has also moved on from saying "ahhhhhh" to mainly saying "uhhhhh" and pursing his lips, a little like the fishy face he used to make as a newborn.

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