Monday, May 7, 2012

Recent Finds

While I'm not that much of a shopper, I found a couple of really cute things this past week or so. The first is this toast rack I spotted in the sale section at Sur la Table. Shaped like toast! All of the B&B's in the UK that we stayed in during our honeymoon had toast racks. We'd never seen one before, but with these handy guys you don't have to lay slices of toast on top of each other, so none of them end up soggy (at least we think that's what they're for).
Saturday marked the beginning of our local farmers' market, and since we only live a few blocks from the train station where it's held, I jumped on the chance to go. E and I bought eggs and a couple of herb plants each for half of the price I would have paid at Whole Foods! The herbs weren't organic, but the eggs were from pasture raised chickens. After reading The Knitter's Book of Wool (review to come), I was on the lookout for "farm yarns" (the book really encourages giving them a try and supporting the farms that produce them), but I sadly didn't see any yarn at all. In the mood to support my local crafters anyway, I bought this super cute vase instead.
An outtake picture of a serious little guy with a toast rack. He has become much more discerning with his smiles lately.
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  1. He says, Mama I would smile ALL the time, if only you gave me a mohawk!