Monday, April 23, 2012

Let's Get Cooking

A month or two ago, I discovered that craigslist has an RSS notification feature, so you can get notified when new listings are added that meet your search criteria (the same way you can get notified of new posts on blogs - like Tiny Muffins! - if you use an RSS reader, e.g. Google Reader). Anyway, I knew we wanted to get a play kitchen for E, so I saved my search and I've been keeping an eye on all the kitchen listings in our area. Last week, this cute one came up, and we jumped on it!
My kitchen!
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I wasn't aiming for blue, but this one happened to be blue and that's a-okay by me. It's in great shape for having been used by two kidlets already. There's a microwave, oven (with knobs that click), fridge (that seems like it'll be more useful as storage space), sink, range, and a variety of open shelves.  Now we get to stock it!

In other news, Hubbo and I thought we felt a tooth nubbin yesterday, but we've thought that before. Time will tell...  E is still enjoying rolling on to his tummy once in awhile, especially right before bed time.  That was also his favorite time of day to practice rolling off of his tummy while he was learning that skill.  And lastly, he's getting pretty awesome at supporting himself if he has something to lean on, as in the picture.  That's Daddy's hand there just for spotting.

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