Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hello there! Mr. E is getting closer to really talking every day now. He says "mama" and "dada" quite often, although he doesn't always seem to mean mommy or daddy when he says it. E will also make the first sound of a lot of words, like "m" for mail or mouth. He also has the two baby sign language signs that we taught him down pat - "milk" and "more."

In the four months since he got it for his birthday, E has become an expert at Hammerballs:

He's also still really in to buttons (this toy has a button on top where his finger is):

We've been playing inside a lot lately since it's winter and the little guy really doesn't like to wear his winter coat or mittens.  We did make it outside this afternoon to watch our first real snowfall though!  E liked it, at least until his hands got cold, ahem.

A busy day, E also met my Pullip doll, Bubbles, and he was fascinated!

Bubbles' summer dress
She's the first doll I think he's seen, at least up close.  He would touch her nose, then my nose, her mouth, then mine.  I showed him how her eyes close, but he didn't care for that at all.

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