Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fifteen months and settling in

Wow, E is fifteen months old today!

It's now almost a month after we moved to our new home, and we're slowing settling in. I took this picture awhile back from the kitchen table. (I do have to admit it was rather strategically framed and timed - we're not living in nearly as remote a location as it might appear.)

E is in the midst of a put-things-in-and-take-them-out phase.  For a long time, he has been helping me empty the silverware out of the dishwasher, but recently after we finished he wanted to put it all back in the dishwasher basket!  Here is his work of modern art: every piece of our silverware (minus the knives) fit into one of the baskets.

We spent a little while drawing together this morning.  Well, I doodled and he mostly moved the block crayons in and out of their tin.  It was fun for both of us!

He is also really in to walking backwards now, especially if he can sit down on something behind him when he bumps in to it.

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