Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sniffle, sniffle

E and I have been fighting off a cold this past week here chez Tiny Muffins, hence the radio silence.  I do have a few fun pictures that Hubbo snapped before we got sick.

E has since agreed to wear pants (at first he seemed quite worried about where his legs went).  We are still working on shoes and hats.  He didn't mind hats at all last winter, and he even did pretty well with his sun hat over the summer, but now he is not keen on them in the slightest, even if his great-aunt and I made them for him!

In anticipation of our move (we have a closing date!  Oct. 19!), we have gotten a couple of organizer-type items that don't "fit" anywhere in our current house, but will have good homes after the move.  The idea with this one is to have a limited selection of toys out and rotate them periodically.  Looks much neater than it did before.

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Speaking of moving, we still have some things we want to be sure to do before we leave (not that we're moving thaaat far):
  • Go to the donut shop with the fun name (Spunky Dunkers, tee hee)
  • Go to Mass at the church where we got married (it's much closer now than it will be once we move)
  • Have yummy yummy Thai food from the restaurant we can walk to
  • Take pictures of the house before we start packing - to show E when he's older -- almost done, just need to do the outside
  • Visit the bead shop that neighbor J mentioned -- it was a little creepy for me, good thing Hubbo went with :-/
  • Go to the forest preserve one more time -- it's gotten quite cold, I'm not thinking we'll do this one
  • Have a family brunch at Wildberry (on a weekday!) 
  • Dinner at "Big Bowl Noodle"

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