Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Birthday Party Recap

We had E's birthday party with his grandparents the weekend after his birthday. He was a little surprised to wake up from his nap and find the living room filled with party guests, but it didn't take too long for him to warm up to everyone.

Here he is checking out a sparkley birthday card from my mom. It is still fun to touch the sparkles a week and a half later! E is also wearing a necklace with a lucky jade charm from Hubbo's parents.

Birthday cake made by Mommy!  I used this recipe for the cake, and this one, more or less, for the frosting. The cake was not exactly light and fluffy, probably because I used almond milk instead of cow's milk, but all in all I think it turned out as well as one could expect for the first cake I made from scratch. Luckily I have a whole year to devise a birthday treat for next year!

Mmmm cake.  I would say that the majority of the cake ended up on the floor or on the highchair, but E did eat some of it.  He liked it well enough, but he likes to eat just about anything these days!

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