Thursday, August 2, 2012

Baby's First Vacation

We recently took our first vacation as a family of three to visit my sister in Bozeman, Montana, where she's in grad school. Here E and I are looking out the window at our airport:

You can just see them, check out his shoes!  They are these "Robeez" leather slipper-like shoes.  I replaced the elastic around the ankle because as they were, they totally squashed his poor self.

Here we are with E's auntie at the Hyalite Reservoir.


The reservoir itself:


This puppy wanted to play fetch with Hubbo.  Not much of a dog person, he was quite impressed that the dog kept getting the stick and bringing it back.


Checking out the picnic area:


On one of our two (very) short hikes.  Check out those cool leggings on Mr. Man.

The apples at the hotel's continental breakfast were a big hit.

Everyone resting chez sister.

Playing during our (don't remind me) three hour delay at the Bozeman airport.

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All in all a successful trip. E did very well on the first plane ride and was even able to take a good nap during it. Sadly, because of the delay, he missed his afternoon nap on the way home and was a bit whiny on the plane. We were very lucky and shared our row with a lady who had traveled a lot with her kiddos when they were babies, and she was very encouraging at the end of a long day.

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