Thursday, April 4, 2013

Baby's first haircut

The day before Easter, E had his first haircut (by Mommy).  The poor fellow's bangs had gotten so long that during the proceeding week I'd resorted to pulling them on top of his head so that he wouldn't rub his eyes all day long.

 So cute!  But perhaps not the look for seeing all the relatives at Easter dinner.

How did we get the busy guy to hold relatively still?

Daddy's smartphone.

E has some new favorite words to say these days: "wawa" (water) - it's really nice that he can let us know when he's thirsty.   "Booba" (eyeball)  - said while poking yours, or sometimes his own.  "Buubba" (backward) - while walking backward.  "Lii" (light) is also new very recently!

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